Lastest Air Power Technology of Air Climber Stepper

The Air Climber Stepper is a modern piece of fitness equipment that allows you to tone your body and get it in shape with utmost ease and comfort. The use of the Air Climber has been on an upward trend in the past few years and its popularity seems to be continuing to grow. The main reason why the Air Climber Stepper is in so much demand is that it provides a full body workout at a lesser cost than the conventional fitness equipment. It is also light weight, durable, portable and comes with a unique technology that makes it comfortable and safe to use.

Air power technology for exercise stepper

The Technology

The Technology that the Air Climber works on is the Air Power Technology (APT) which is a new and unique technology which enables you to work out without stress. The Air Power Technology uses the power of air to create resistance to drive your workout sessions.

The working

The Air Power Technology uses a hydraulic-type mechanism in which, the resistance is created when the air passes from one inflatable bellow to another, when you step foot on a pedal. This process is repeated with every step and depending upon the level of resistance set by you, your workout sessions get intense as the pressure you need to exert with each step increases.

The Air Power Technology uses a smooth mechanism that does not create too much harsh pressure on your joints and your muscles. This gives you easy workouts that are more fun than painful. In a way, you can say that this technology makes the Air Climber Stepper a desirable and unique piece of fitness equipment. The Air Climber Fitness Stepper is made by Brenda Dygraf, a fitness guru.