Brenda Dygraf and The Air Climber Stepper

A recent innovation in the fitness industry is the introduction of the Air Power Technology (APT) which facilitates the use of air as a creator of resistance for intense workouts. This technology is used in the new Air Climber Stepper which is a new way to get gym-like workout sessions at the comfort of your home. This is portable, easy to use and durable fitness equipment that gives you high resistance levels for your workout with effective and faster results than the conventional gym equipment. The Air Climber Stepper is developed, conceptualized and marketed under the name of Brenda Dygraf and so, it is also known as Brenda Dygraf's Air Climber Stepper.

Who is Brenda Dygraf?

Brenda Dygraf is a former American Aerobics Champion who has been in the fitness industry since a long time now. She is a forerunner in developing and designing new equipment and exercises that can give you total fitness solutions and a stress-free way to workout. Her accomplishments include 18 regional aerobics titles and one national aerobics championship title. She has made it a point to find out the best and the easiest way to achieve weight loss and perfect body fitness.

Brenda dygraf air climber stepper

Why did Brenda Dygraf made the Air Climber?

The innovations by Brenda Dygraf does not comprise ONLY the Air Climber Fitness Stepper but she has also designed and developed other fitness equipment namely the Lateral Thigh Trainer, the Top 10 Trainer and the Cardio Twister. The reason for introducing the Air climber was that Brenda wanted to make a simple, portable and home-use equipment which would give users a complete and an intense workout session without the physical stress and the discomfort involved in conventional gym exercises and equipment.

The Air Climber for fitness and how does it work?

Specially designed for giving you gym-like workouts at home, the Air Climber Stepper can help you tone your legs, thighs, buttocks, hips, upper back, lower back, abs, arms, shoulders and triceps. It works on the Air Power Technology and contains two inflatable bellows below two pedals. So, when you step on one pedal, the bellow releases air into the other bellow and the other bellow gets inflated. This action is repeated every time you step on the pedal. The console has a knob which has different resistance levels. Depending upon the resistance levels set by you, the pressure that you require to exert for pushing down the pedals increase/decrease. This way, your workout sessions become fun to do while at the same time allows you to tone your muscles and burn body fat. Burning fat is possible as the fitness stepper increases your metabolism, which in turn, burns fat.

The Air Climber also comes with additional chords that can be used to perform different exercises for the arms, abs and the upper body. An instructional DVD shows you the variety of exercises that you can perform with the Fitness Stepper.

With the use of the Air climber Fitness Stepper, you can tone your muscles, lose body fat and reduce weight while you also get the benefit of convenience and affordability. You have the leverage of taking the light-weight equipment wherever you want and this way, you can never miss out on your exercise sessions, plus the fact that it is not at all stressful but it is a totally enjoyable experience in itself. Thank you Brenda!