Exercise Fitness Stepper - The Air Climber
Air Climber fitness stepper

Fitness Stepper

Exercising can be a lot of fun if you have the right equipment for it. Thanks to the Fitness Stepper, your workouts can be loaded with fun and equally rewarding. With this portable and lightweight, home-use fitness equipment, you can get cardio, muscle-toning and warm-up exercises, all at the same time. Read more about Fitness Stepper.

Air Climber

In the league of new-age portable and lightweight fitness equipment for home-use, the Air Climber stands at the apex position. It offers you a fun way to exercise, burn calories and get into a perfect slim shape at your own convenience. The Air Climber is now becoming the choice of millions of users who want gym-like workouts at home without the stress, strain and the pain.

Brenda dygraf

Brenda Dygraf

Brenda Dygraf is a former American Aerobics Champion who has been in the fitness industry since a long time now. She is a forerunner in developing and designing new equipment and exercises that can give you total fitness solutions and a stress-free way to workout. Her accomplishments include 18 regional aerobics titles and one national aerobics championship title. She has made it a point to find out the best and the easiest way to achieve weight loss and perfect body fitness. Read More about Brenda Dygraf.

Air power technology

Air Power Technology
The Technology that the Air Climber works on is the Air Power Technology (APT) which is a new and unique technology which enables you to work out without stress. The Air Power Technology uses the power of air to create resistance to drive your workout sessions. Read More about Air Power Technology.

Exercise Stepper Workouts

Wouldn't it be great if you get a variety of workouts with a single exercise equipment and that too at the comfort of your home? That is exactly what the Exercise stepper workouts are all about. You can burn calories through the cardio regime, tone your upper and lower body muscles and have fun simultaneously.